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Reverse Dollar Cost Averaging.
Get more than the average price when periodically selling securities for IRA or 401K retirement plan withdrawals.

Are you making periodic sales of stocks, funds or commodities that vary in price? If you are selling a constant dollar amount each period, you are losing everything that Dollar Cost Averaging gained when buying.

SACOUT® (Patent #7,003,483) is an inexpensive software tool that automatically tells you to sell more shares when the price is high and fewer when the price is low. In effect, it gives you the same benefit when selling that Dollar Cost Averaging does when buying. This is how it works:

The benefit of Dollar Cost Averaging to purchase shares of a product that varies in price is well known. When you invest a constant dollar amount periodically, the number of shares purchased each period is the dollar amount divided by the current share price. When the price is low, more shares are purchased. When the price is high, fewer shares are purchased. The result is that the average cost of shares purchased is less than the average price of shares over the investment period.

When it comes time to make periodic withdrawals either to supplement other retirement income or to meet IRS required withdrawals, there is no equivalent to DCA. Traditionally, an equal amount is withdrawn each period, for example monthly. Now you are on the wrong end of dollar cost averaging. The buyer is paying less than the average cost over the withdrawal period, so you are selling for less than the average price.

The SACOUT® (Securities Average Cost OUT) method (patent #7,003,483) functions automatically, just like DCA, to sell for more than the average price over time.

SACIN®, provided along with SACOUT®, is an improved Dollar Cost Averaging method. It automatically purchases more shares than Dollar Cost Averaging when the share price decreases and fewer shares when the price is high.

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