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The Sacco Company was formed by Andrew Davis to develop and market the SACIN® and SACOUT® methods (Patent #7,003,483) for improving the performance of Dollar Cost Averaging and obtaining the benefits of Dollar Cost Averaging in reverse when making periodic withdrawals.

Mr. Davis is a retired Electrical Engineer and supplemented his mathematical training with several graduate courses. As most people do, he made contributions to his 401K plan through payroll deductions. This automatically results in an average purchase price which is less than the average price over time when buying mutual funds.

When it became time to make periodic sales as required by the IRS, his broker suggested selling a fixed dollar amount each month. Davis immediately commented that he was now on the wrong end of Dollar Cost Averaging. The broker had no answer.

Engineers are good at solving problems. After considering the situation for about a year, Davis figured that there must be a method to Dollar Cost Average in reverse. More study resulted in the SACOUT® method. A side effect in the method provided a way to add gain to improve on its performance. It turned out that a similar gain can be obtained when using Dollar Cost Averaging. This is embodied in the SACIN® method.

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The technology underlying SACIN® and SACOUT® is protected under U.S. Patent #7,003,483.

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